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Consider becoming an ambassador!

An Ambassador is a person willing to share information about CTYE on their social media pages, through e-mail, phone calls and/or text messages to our donor base and your network to update them on upcoming events! Why should you consider becoming an ambassador for CTYE?  Ambassadors are a very important to the CTYE community. They connect us to more participants, donors, and volunteers. They help to keep us relevant and known in the community.  Ambassadors have been used in during our yearly Give For Good Louisville Campaign. 

Social Media Ambassador

Committed to give a small amount of your time. Periodically we will ask you to  mention, post, and share on your social media pages.
We will provide prewritten posts for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
More information will be provided when ambassadors are needed.

Phone Ambassador

Committed to give 1 to 2 hours to promote an event by by calling or texting assigned CTYE contacts from our database or you may provide your own contacts.
You can choose to join us in the office as we call and text together or do from your own location.  Prewritten scripts will be provided.  More information will be provided when ambassadors are needed.

How do I become an ambassador?

Attend a 30-minute training via Zoom or in-person
Commit to sharing and spreading the great news about CTYE
Choose which ambassador you'd prefer to be!