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Gear Up for Reading Summer Camp    June 10th - July 3rd

Our program is designed to support 12 to 15 students transitioning to 6th through 9th grades. Our focus is to prevent summer learning loss through fun, creative, engaging reading and writing activities in the areas of narrative, informative, persuasive, descriptive and creative writing. We will revisit citing textual evidence, inferencing, finding theme, analyzing events and finally determine meaning of words and phrases. Campers will complete group projects, conduct interviews, act out stories, practice public speaking, play games, and more. During this time we will reinforce the importance of some school success components such as organization, time management, study and note-taking skills.  Field trips and weekly extracurricular clubs have been added to the schedule. Especially great for transitioning 5th and 8th graders going into Middle and High School.

  How-to Skills camp      July 8th - July 12th

Designed for current or entering (6th through 9th) middle and high school students. This program will allow youth to develop skills that will strengthen and prepare them for school success. Skills such as organization, time management, note taking, study, and research skills. This is a one-week camp and meeting Monday through Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm.

hair empower her         july 22nd - july 26th 

This evening camp is for 4th through 5th grades. Youth will learn basic hair maintenance and care, easy styles to do on their own, and what products will work best for them. Each participant will receive a hair goody bag. Space is limited, sign up now! If you need assistance please inquire by email or phone.

Chop It up with chef virgie         July 23rd - july 25th

Has your child ever asked you to let them cook, and you‘re just not ready for them to use the stove? Well you‘re in luck. Sign up for our 3-day summer Chopping it Up camp were your child will learn how to prepare easy recipes without a stove. Bonus you don’t having to clean up the mess. For ages 8 to 12. Hurry only 10 spots available. 

Camp Refresh      july 29th -july 30th

Join us as we refresh our learning skill in fun and creative academic activities. Areas covered are Math, Phonics, Letter recognitions, writing, and more. Space is limited, 10 spots available for this two-day experience. Lunch is included. 

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