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Now Hiring summer positions

Summer Youth Worker

This person will provide support and act as role models to young people. Some of their duties include being mentors, enforcing rules and modeling positive behaviors. They often organize recreational activities, encourage participation, and help develop positive social interactions. Other duties may include but are not limited to maintaining a clean and healthy environment and preparation for lunch.
 For ages 16 to 18

summer staff

This person will assist the Director and Program Assistant in carrying out programs. Will aid in planning camps and events, organizing and dissemination of instructional materials, assisting participants with lessons and activities, help lead group discussions, preparation of lunch and more. Will help to ensure that all summer programming (they are assigned to) is moving smoothly and has a safe and clean environment. Build positive relationships with youth in the program and model appropriate work behavior to our youth workers. This position is not limited to only program tasks but may include office tasks such as organizing, entering data, etc.
For ages 18 and up

program instructor

We are seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic Program Instructor to join our team. As a Program Instructor, you will be responsible for teaching and demonstrating the curriculum while engaging participants in fun, safe,  and inclusive activities. This is a rewarding opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and contribute to their personal growth and development.  For ages 23 and up